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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Wild Vegano. We founded this online store on a mission towards a more sustainable world for us and the animals alike to enjoy. We pour our values into everything we do, creating a reliable source for all the vegan and zero waste essentials you need. We hope to pave a road for our customers so that they can walk towards an ethical and sustainable life more comfortably.

The beauty of the natural world and all its inhabitants are an endless source of inspiration for us, we want to protect them and help you do the same.

100% vegan

We are proudly vegan and cruelty-free. Whether you are passionate about veganism like we are or only just starting to explore the vegan world, we would love to be a part of your journey. We have created this online store as a dedicated space for products that are in line with our lifestyle and philosophy, values of veganism and respect for all living beings.

We know that finding a reliable source of vegan-friendly items can be a challenge sometimes, which is why we brought everything into one place where cruelty-free and vegan is the standard. We hope to become a trusted source of everything vegan for you.

100% zero waste

Waste. One of the biggest problems of today’s world, which will become an even bigger issue for our children if we do not act fast. We believe in a circular system where resources don’t make their way from one end to another but stay in the loop and can be reused or repurposed.

We offer a range of zero waste alternatives to single-use or otherwise wasteful items, to help you lower your impact on the planet and stop flooding it with tons of unnecessary waste. Besides providing you with those products, we also direct our operations alongside the principles of zero waste, practising what we preach.

100% conscious

We are working to help create a more conscious world, one where nature, fellow humans and other living beings are always considered when making a purchase. We are sick of fast fashion, single-use fixes and profit over ethics. Help us set a new standard in business and e-commerce – one that calls for conscious treatment of the planet, conscious approach towards all that is alive and conscious shopping choices.